General Early notice regarding changes to Territory War(Blood Temple) and Territory War(Base Occupation)


Hello, we are the SUN Classic team.


In SUN Classic, there is a Guild PVP system called Territory War(Blood Temple) and Territory War(Base Occupation) that allows you to occupy each field.


We hope that as many guild members active in SUN Classic will participate,

and each content will be reorganized to provide fair opportunity and a strategic competitive environment.

So, to prevent confusion, we would like to inform you of any changes in advance.


■ Schedule: April 4, 2024 (Thur) Regular Maintenance


■ Purpose:

1. Increased participation in Territory War and Occupation Battle by many guilds, including small and medium-sized guilds.

2. Prevent any abusing acts that may occur in advance


■ Content

1. Territory War(Blood Temple)

 1) Addition of level condition for participating characters

 2) Addition of equipment rating condition for participating characters


2. Territory War(Base Occupation)

 1) Change to season system

  - As the change to season system occurs, the Skirmish Battle information will be reset when the reorganized content is updated.

 2) Change in reward payment method

  - Changed to being given automatically at the end of the Skirmish Battle

  - Participants of the winning guild will receive a reward in the reward window the moment victory is decided.

  - Guild leader rewards will be sent by mail to the guild leader of the winning guild.

 3) Changed the matching guild information to be displayed just before the start of the battle

 4) Number of participants reduced to 10

 5) No longer possible to support alliance guilds

 6) Victory condition score increased to 15,000 points 


Please check for further details on the reorganization in future updates,

and keep in mind that the schedule may change during updates.


Thank you.