Patch Note

General Patch Note (November 17) (UTC+9)


Dear Community,


Here are the Patch Notes for the Regular Maintenance on November 17th, 2022.


■ Maintenance Patch Notes


1. The Tower of Glory AC Event has begun.

 1) Please refer to the event page below for details.

  [Go to event page]


[Event Conclusion]

1. The Helron's Castle Battle Support Event has ended.

 1) The event NPC Hermit Mephireth in Aukra has been deleted.

 2) The Lv. 1-110 3x EXP event has ended.


2. The Helron's Castle Dungeon AC Event has ended.

 1) Helron's Castle Story Dungeon Boss does not drop [Helron's Token] item.


3. The New Character Support Event has ended.

 1) The New Character Achievement AC Event has ended.

  - When creating a character, the [New Hero Challenge!] item is no longer given.

  - The [AC → Achievements → New Hero Challenge (Event)] item has been deleted.

  - New Hero Challenge related quests have been removed.

 2) The New Character Level-up Reward AC Event has ended.

  - Wen creating a new character, the [Level 10 Achievement Box] is no longer given.


4. SUN-CHIP Event has ended.

 1) Collector Lumiel in Etherain has been removed.

 2) The related event quests have been deleted.


[Functions Added]

1. Individual-use Special Dungeon [Tower of Glory] has been added.

 1) You can access it through [Dungeon → Special Dungeon → Tower of Glory].

 2) It can be accessed by characters from levels 113 to 120.

 3) It can be accessed once a day, anytime.

 4) Please refer to the guide for more details.

  [Go to guide page]


2. Crafting of entry item [Glorious Key] to the Tower of Glory has been added.

Material 1

Material 2

Cost (Heim)

Success Rate

Item Name


Item Name


Glorious Fragment


Dimensional Fragment





3. A Title effect has been added to the tooltip of Title items sold in the Currency Shop.


4. Attendance rewards for December have been added.


5. Tournament schedule from November 17th to the November 30th was added.

 1) The detailed schedule remains the same.


6. [Currency Shop → Ether Crystal] Product has been added for sale.

 1) [Entry Ticket Item → Glorious Fragment] was added.

 2) Price for purchase: Ether Crystal x2

 3) No purchase restrictions


[Changes in Functions]

1. The icons of the items below have been changed.

 1) Zard Conversion Reagent: Town General Store & Ether Crystal Store → Convenience Items

 2) Entry Ticket Crafting Material Box: Ether Crystal Store → Entry Item

 3) 3rd~6th Equipment Exchange Ticket Random Box: Guild Coin Store → Random Item

 4) Ether Box: Guild Coin Store → Enhancement Materials


2. The components of the [Entry Ticket Crafting Material Box] sold at the Ether Crystal Store have been changed.

 1) [Glorious Fragment] was added to the box.

 2) The price for purchase was changed from Ether Crystal x5 to x6.


3. The UI size of the Item Guide and the Monster Book has been expanded.


4. You cannot copy and paste when creating character name and guild name.


5. [Coin Shop → Challenger Coin] has gone through renewal.

 1) Please refer to the announcement below for more details.

  [ Go to Announcement]


6. UI setting has been changed as below.

 1) You can no longer use Consignment Store and Mail System when using Storage and Store.

 2) You can no longer use Mail System, Storage and Store when using Consignment Store.

 3) You can no longer use Consignment Store, Store and Storage when using Mail System.


[Bugs Fixed]

1. Fixed the issue where objects that should not be seen were sometimes shown on the map where the character was located.

2. The issue where the character would sometimes be moved from the Boss room to the starting point during [Story Dungeon → Helron's Castle → [Main] Helron's Castle] has been fixed.

3. Fixed issue that the pet size is enlarged in the item shop(\) preview.

4. Fixed issue that the other player’s message is not immediately displayed during 1:1 chatting


Please check details above carefully and refer to them when playing the game.

We will continue do our best to provide a pleasant and enjoyable environment for our players.


Thank you.