Patch Note

General [Add Content] Patch Note (April 04)(UTC+9)



Welcome to the beginning of a new era with SUN Classic.


The following are the April 4, 2024 (Thu) Regular Maintenance Patch Notes.



1. The [2nd Anniversary AC Event] has ended.

 1) 2nd Anniversary Lucky Monster Dungeon Event

 2) 2nd Anniversary AC Event


2. The deletion date of the event items below has been changed based on the regular maintenance on April 18 (Thursday).

 1) Party Attire Costume Box (7 days)

 2) Party Attire Costume for Each Class (8 types)


[Added Content]

1. [Swift Attack] quest has been added for each area to enable smooth training up to the Greenwood Plateau.

 1) From the Forest of Beasts to Helron's Castle, 6 types of Swift Attack quests have been added for each region.

 2) The Swift Attack quest is a quest that helps characters under 119 grow quickly to 120 levels.

  - Complete the quest in the previous region before you can proceed with the quest in the next region. 

 Area Name

NPC Location

NPC Name

Forest of Beasts

Beast Cave

Student Alchemist Federick

Etherain Sewer

East Maze Sewer

Scout Captain Roran

Frozen Palace


Etherain Gate Guard Captain Arkhan

Valley of the Dragonkin



Aiort Graveyard


Guard Captain, Ronken Von Michael

Helron's Castle


Helron's Castle Archivist Asteria

2. The Tournament Schedule from April 5 to April 17 has been added.

 1) Tournament specifics are the same as before.


[System Changes]

1. To ensure a safe renewal of the Consignment Store, the Consignment Store Sales Registration function will be temporarily suspended.

 1) New items cannot be registered after maintenance on April 4th.

 2) Please retrieve or settle all registered products before the maintenance on April 18th.


2. The overall flow of the dungeons below has been simplified and renewed to be concise.

Area Name

Dungeon Name

Etherain Sewer

[Sub 1] Hidden Passage

[Sub 2] Access Road to Etherain

[Sub 3] Grave of the Siegel Knights

[Main] Etherain Sewer

Frozen Palace

[Sub 1] Restraining the Imperial Messenger

[Sub 2] Battle of the Castle Outskirts

[Sub 3] Second Attack on Snowy Plains

[Main] Frozen Palace

Valley of the Dragonkin

[Sub 1] Scout the Valley Entrance

[Sub 2] Tracking Clues

[Sub 3] Rescue the Dragonkin Chief

Greenwood Plateau

[Sub 2] Power Struggle


3. The difficulty of obtaining Brakion Continent accessories has been lowered.

 1) The probability of obtaining high-grade accessories when clearing a dungeon has been increased, lowering the overall difficulty of crafting legendary accessories.

Area Name

Adjustment Details

Forest of Beasts

Same as before

Etherain Sewer

15% lower than before

Frozen Palace

26% lower than before

Valley of the Dragonkin

55% lower than before

Aiort Graveyard

56% lower than before

Helron's Castle

44% lower than before


4. Territory War(Blood Temple) objects have been upgraded.

 1) Only characters over Lv. 125 can enter.

 2) Only characters with an equipment rating of 9,000 points or higher can enter.


5. Territory War(Base Occupation) has been changed to a season system, and some rules have been revised.

 1) As the season progresses, the guild information in existing Territory War(Base Occupation) areas has been reset.

 2) Season 1 period: From April 4, 2024 to May 30, 2024 / Based on regular maintenance schedule

 3) Only characters over Lv. 125 can enter.

 4) Matched opponent guild information will be revealed 5 minutes before the Territory War(Base Occupation) battle begins.

 5) The number of participants per area has been changed from 20 to 10.

 6) Support from allied guilds is no longer possible

 7) Victory condition score has been changed to 15,000 points.

 8) Moving to another Territory War(Base Occupation) battle is no longer possible 5 minutes after the battle begins

 9) Please refer to the Guide for details.

  [Go to Guide]


6. The penalty time for guild member withdrawal and expulsion has been changed from 24 hours to 26 hours.


7. The content entered in the chat window has been changed to last for 30 seconds.


8. Press the purchase quantity adjustment button of the currency store, the quantity has changed quickly.


Thank you.