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[Completion] Maintenance (May/16 18:30~19:20)(UTC+9)

Dear Community, SUN Classic will be poerforming maintenance at the time below, during which SUN Classic will be unavailable to access nor play. ■Date & Time:May/16, 2024 18:30~19:20 [UTC+9] ※ Above time subject to change. ※ We will update you when maintenance time changes. ■Contents:The c...

Soul Crystal Expansion Advance Notice

Hello, we are the SUN Classic team. Awakening and Evolution functions for Soul Crystals will be added in the next update. Accordingly, we will inform you in advance of the changes and additional features to Soul Crystal content. ■ Content 1. New Soul Crystals will be added. 1) Even if the new Sou...

Announcement of Survey Campaign Winners

Hello, we are the SUN Classic team. We are announcing the winners of the Idea Genius and Earnest Respondent prizes from the survey campaign conducted to listen to the opinion of our players. More people than expected participated in the survey and offered many different opinions. It took a lot of ...

Notice on changes to Ignis' Coin policy

We are the SUN Classic team. In the previous notice of temporary suspension of the Consignment Store, we informed you that with the update of the Soul Consignment Store, Ignis' Coins would be converted into Soul. However, since the products sold at the Soul Store and the Ignis' Coin Store are diff...

Notice on changing the image of the game launcher

Hello. We are the SUN Classic team. Due to a recent revision of Korea's Game Industry Act, the age rating must now be displayed in the launcher image. So we have added the age rating to the previous launcher image. ■ Added Image 1. Age Rating (Korea) 2. Content (Korea) 3. Age Rating (Taiwan) We ...

Measures for the prevention of payment fraud damage

Hello. We are the SUN Classic team. Recently, there have been cases where fraud damage is being caused by the trade of MY CARD for dishonest purposes. MY CARDs obtained from an unreliable source may have been purchased using the money of fraud victims. For that reason, if Wcoin recharge using such...

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