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Maintenance (June/08 08:30~11:00)(UTC+9) new

Dear Community, SUN Classic will be poerforming maintenance at the time below, during which SUN Classic will be unavailable to access nor play. ■Date & Time: June/08, 08:30 ~ 11:00 [UTC+9] ※ Above time subject to change. ※ We will update you when maintenance time changes. ■Contents: 1. Pa...

Notice Regarding Retrieval of Zards Acquired Abnormally through the Use of Synthesis Bug

Hello! We are the SUN Classic team. We have completed the retrieval of the Zards which were acquired abnormally through the Synthesis bug. The restrictions have been currently been lifted and normal play is available. We will inform you of the details of this process through a notice once again a...

Badge Enhancement Material Box Content Change Announcement

Hello! We are the SUN Classic team. We would like to inform that the content of [Badge Enhancement Material Box] found at Ether Crystal Store has been changed. The amount of items received when opening the item has been changed. Please check the details of the change below. ■ Item Change Schedul...

Measures for the prevention of payment fraud damage

Hello. We are the SUN Classic team. Recently, there have been cases where fraud damage is being caused by the trade of MY CARD for dishonest purposes. MY CARDs obtained from an unreliable source may have been purchased using the money of fraud victims. For that reason, if Wcoin recharge using such...

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