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[Completion] Maintenance (February/09 08:30~12:00)(UTC+9)

Dear Community, SUN Classic will be poerforming maintenance at the time below, during which SUN Classic will be unavailable to access nor play. ■Date & Time: February/09, 08:30 ~ 12:00 [UTC+9] ※ Above time subject to change. ※ We will update you when maintenance time changes. ■Contents: P...

Long-Term Inactive Account Deletion Notice

Hello! We are the SUN Classic team. To ensure the safety of your personal information, Accounts that have not Logged-In to a Game or the Website for a long time will have their personal information deleted. Accounts that have their personal information deleted will be unable to Log-In to a Game or...

Special crackdown taking place on players using unofficial program

Dear SUN CLASSIC community, We have found out that there are players using abnormal program which gives damage to the game environment. Also, the act of using this abnormal program is spreading in the community and influencing in a negative way to others. It has been confirmed that the number of p...

Regarding Unable to do AC daily quest

Dear Community, We have recently noticed that our daily quest system could confuse users. We would like to clarify the difference between those two to avoid further confusion among users. In SUN Classic, there are two different types of daily quests: Daily quest (Red Exclamation mark), and AC dail...

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