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Notice regarding change in [Astorea Valley] update schedule

Hello. We are the SUN Classic team. We have previously informed you about the update schedule for the Spirit's Shelter in advance through the GM Note - Preview post for the Spirit's Shelter content. [Go to GM Note] As you can see from the schedule, the [Astorea Valley] update was originally sched...

[Completion] Maintenance (Sep/27 11:00~12:30)(UTC+9)

Dear Community, SUN Classic will be poerforming maintenance at the time below, during which SUN Classic will be unavailable to access nor play. ■Date & Time:Sep/27, 2023 11:00~12:30 [UTC+9] ※ Above time subject to change. ※ We will update you when maintenance time changes. ※ Weekly product...

Notice regarding crafting of Melias' Offering

Hello. We are the SUN Classic team. The Crafting Recipe for Melias' Offering was removed through the patch on September 21st (Thursday). However, Melias' Insignia is issued every day when purchasing Premium Service (28 days) products, and since the Crafting Recipe has been removed, there is no way...

Notice Regarding Achievement Status in Renewed Fortune Event

Hello. We are the SUN Classic team. You must all be curious to know the achievement status of the Renewed Fortune Event! So we are here to inform you of the maximum Enchant value and Item Collection achievement status of the event item [Soul Crystal (EVENT)] within the server. The achievement sta...

Updates to Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Hello. We are the SUN Classic team. Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are set to be updated after the October 24th, 2023 Maintenance. The Terms of Service update refers to the deletion of personal information that no longer collects, restricted access to the game for Koreans (Peop...

Starter Pack Renewal Notice

Hello. We are the SUN Classic team. We've renewed the Starter Package, which can only be purchased once per account. To celebrate the renewal of the Starter Pack, the purchase limit has been reset, If you have already purchased a Starter Pack, you can purchase a Starter Pack once again. ■ Starte...

Measures for the prevention of payment fraud damage

Hello. We are the SUN Classic team. Recently, there have been cases where fraud damage is being caused by the trade of MY CARD for dishonest purposes. MY CARDs obtained from an unreliable source may have been purchased using the money of fraud victims. For that reason, if Wcoin recharge using such...

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