Installing a game

Installing a game

■ S.U.N. Classic System Requirements

① These are the minimum system requirements for running S.U.N. Classic.

② These are the recommended system requirements for running S.U.N. Classic smoothly.

If running S.U.N. Classic in a 32-bit environment, you may experience frequent disconnections from the server.

Please run the game in a 64-bit environment if possible.

You can have up to 3 clients running on a single PC.

At least 8GBs of RAM are recommended to run multiple clients effectively.

■ S.U.N. Classic Installation Guide

1. Go to S.U.N. Classic - Customer Service - Game Download Page (

2. Get the Downloader through the "Client Download" button.

3. Run the Downloader.

 ① You can change the directory for downloading the Installer.

 ② Download the Installer for the Client.

4. Run the Installer after you have finished downloading.

5. Select the directory for installation / Click the "Next" button until the installation starts.

6. Click the [Game Start] button on the official site after the installation.

7. Clicking the [GAME START] button after the launcher updates will run the game.