Guild Tournament

Guild Tournament

The Guild Tournament is a PVP content for guilds.

■ Guild Tournament Specifics

1. In Guild Tournaments, each match is held on a different schedule.

 Ex) Round of 16 Match = Held on October 19th / Quarterfinals Match = Held on October 21st

2. During the application period for the Guild Tournament, eligible Guild Members can apply to participate.

 1) Only Guild Members who meet the application conditions required by the Guild Tournament can apply.

 2) Up to 10 Guild Members can apply for participation during the Pre-Tournament application period, and participation eligibility is confirmed when Pre-Tournament Matching is successful.

 3) Even if up to 10 Guild Members are eligible to participate, only the number of people required for the battlefield will enter in the order of application, 

     and Guild Members to enter the battlefield can be changed by canceling the application and reapplying.

 4) Participation qualifications confirmed in the Pre-Tournament match will remain unchanged until the Guild Tournament ends.

 5) If fewer people apply than the required number of people on the battlefield in the Pre-Tournament phase, 

     the guild will automatically be eliminated. In subsequent rounds, the round will proceed even if there is at least one applicant. If there are 0 applicants, the guild will be automatically disqualified.

3. Players who participated in the battlefield (selected participants) and fought can receive participation rewards for each game through the reward window that is displayed when the battle ends.

4. Rewards for victory, second place, or reaching a certain round will be mailed to all eligible Guild Members.

 1) This reward will be given to both selected and waiting players.

■ Guild Tournament Participation Details

1. Application for participating in the Guild Tournament is done individually, and players can also cancel their application.

 1) Information on Guild Members applying can be checked in the Guild Tournament window.

2. You can apply for a reservation to determine your eligibility during the reservation application period before the start of the first round.

 1) Guild Members of a guild waiting to be disbanded cannot proceed with the application.

3. Participating guilds will be decided on a first-come, first-served basis, and matching will be done randomly.

 1) If 16 guilds have already applied for participation in the Round of 16, the 17th guild will not be able to apply.

4. Once the Pre-Tournament battle is over, you can apply for selection for each subsequent match.

 1) The number of people selected is determined in the order of application, and the number of people selected can be adjusted by canceling applications.

 2) If you are successful in applying for the event, but the number of applicants is less than the number of people required to enter the battlefield, you will be disqualified.

■ Guild Tournament Victory Requirements

1. The rules are the same as the Chaos Zone's [Base Conquest Battle] and [Gold Conquest Battle].

1) However, at the time of the update, only the Base Conquest Battle rules will be used, and the Gold Conquest Battle rules will be added in the future.

2. In case of a draw, both teams will be eliminated.

3. If there is a draw in the final, both teams will be considered second place.

■ Details

1. A guild currently in a Guild Tournament cannot be disbanded until it is defeated or wins the final match.

2. Guild members who are eligible to participate in a Guild Tournament cannot withdraw or be expelled until they are defeated or win the final match.

3. Some content may not be available when you are applying to participate in a Guild Tournament.

 1) Dungeon Entry

 2) Storage

 3) NPC Store

 4) Mail

 5) Exchange Market