Character Creation

Character Creation


① Character Slots: There are 6 Free and 4 Paid Slots for creating Characters.

② Create Character: Goes to the Character Creation Screen if a Character Slot is available.

① Enter Character Name: Enter your Character Name and click the "Verify" button to check if the Name is already in-use.

② Select Race: You can select your preferred Race.

③ Select Class: Each Race has different Classes available to it, and you can only pick a Class available to that certain Race.

④ Customize Character: Change the Character's Height, Hairstyle, Facial Features to match your preference.

⑤ Preview Equipment: Check the appearance of the Equipment of your selected Class in advance.

⑥ Rotate Character: Click the arrows to rotate your Character, and the +/- buttons to zoom in or out. 

                            You can also use the Mouse Wheel to zoom.

⑦ Character Background: You can check the Background Information of the Race and Class of your Character.