① You can form a Guild by talking to the Guild Manager NPC.

 - You must be at least Lv. 20 and have at least 100,000 Heim.

② Shows your Character Information and the Requirements for making a Guild.

③ Enter a Name to create your Guild.

① Shows Guild Information such as the Guild Mark, Guild Name, and Guild Members.

② Shows the Guild Introduction and Guild Notices.

③ Shows the list of Characters that you have invited to or that have applied to your Guild. You can leave the Guild through the "Leave Guild" Button.

  - You can only invite Characters who are currently online.

④ You can change or reset the Guild Introduction and Guild Notices.

① Shows Information on Guild Members.

② You can expel Members from the Guild, change their Rank, or appoint a new Guild Leader.

  - Can only be done by Characters with the privileges.

① Increase Guild Facility Levels or enable them through use.

② Ether Stones are required to enable the Facilities, and can be purchased through [Coins - Guild Coin Shop].

① You can end Friendly/Hostile Relations with Guilds or confirm Hostilities Declared by other Guilds.

② You can Declare Friendly/Hostile Relations with specific Guilds.

③ Shows the list of Friendly/Hostile Guilds.

④ Shows the Guild Log and Occupied Areas

  - Occupied Area : Area Conquest Battles will be updated in the future.

  - Guild Log : Shows the Log for Guild Member activity.