Regional Conquest Battle

Blood Temple

The Blood Temple is PVP Content that focuses on capturing Areas.

The Blood Temple is accessible through the Temple Passage Object, located in each Field.

■ Entry Requirements

1. You must be in a Guild

2. You must have the Item "King's Token"

■ Blood Temple Specifics

1. Blood Temple is available on channel 8 under the turnover rule.

2. To imprint to capture the temple, you need to destroy the blood crystal. 

 1) Destroying the ring of blood decrease the Blood Crystal Hp by 25%.

 2) Guild members ranked as royal guard captain or higher are available for imprinting. 

 3) The guild that successfully imprinted will own the temple and needs to defend the temple to the end.

 4) If other guilds are successfully imprinted, the offense guild and the defense guild will be switched. 

3. Below objects will have 120% of their original HP during the defense. 

 1) Ring of Blood

 2) Blood Crystal

 3) Castle Outskirts Gate

 4) Hidden Gate

4. Blood Crystal will heal 20% of its HP after 10 minutes of defense for once. 

5. Guild that owns the temple at the end will own the temple for a week.

 1) Guild cannot own more than 3 temples. 

 2) Each Blood Temple will offer a different buff. 

 3) Lucky Monster Spawn Time (Times are subject to UTC+9)

   -Blood Temple for 20:00 Saturday: 24:00 Saturday

   -Blood Temple for 09:00 Sunday: 09:45 Every Sunday

■ Schedule & Rewards  

AreaField NameTime
Area BuffLukcy Monster Rewards
EXP BoostCraft SuccessBonus Damage
(Lucky Monster)
Ether CrystalAdventurer Coin
Forest of BeastsThe Forest EntranceSat 20:00~20:4510.20%0.20%122090
Forest of the Fallen RampartsSat 20:00~20:4510.40%0.40%1
Beast CaveSat 20:00~20:4510.60%0.60%1
Zapir LakeSat 20:00~20:4510.80%0.80%1
Path of the AlchemistSun 09:00~09:4511.00%1.00%1
Etherain SewerChaos PassageSat 20:00~20:4511.20%1.20%1330120
The Sewer with a Rusty FloodgateSat 20:00~20:4511.40%1.40%1
Solemn HallwaySat 20:00~20:4511.60%1.60%1
Incomplete MemorialSun 09:00~09:4511.80%1.80%1
The West Maze SewerSat 20:00~20:4512.00%2.00%1
Frozen PalaceSnowy PlainsSat 20:00~20:4512.20%2.20%1450160
Frozen GardenSat 20:00~20:4512.40%2.40%1
Ice Crystal PalaceSun 09:00~09:4512.60%2.60%1
Sanctuary of FortressSat 20:00~20:4512.80%2.80%1
The Tower of RuinsSat 20:00~20:4513.00%3.00%1
Vlley of the DragonkinThe Red Lava ValleySat 20:00~20:4513.20%3.20%1590220
The Wailing ValleySun 09:00~09:4513.40%3.40%1
The Crater of BloodSat 20:00~20:4513.60%3.60%1
Grave of Ancient DragonSat 20:00~20:4513.80%3.80%1
Karwan's CraterSat 20:00~20:4514.00%4.00%1
Aiort GraveyardGraveyard of PainSun 09:00~09:4514.20%4.20%1750280
Castle RuinsSat 20:00~20:4514.40%4.40%1
The Heretical Basement AltarSat 20:00~20:4514.60%4.60%1
Cursed Outside ChamberSat 20:00~20:4514.80%4.80%1
Outside of the Prison of Lost SoulsSat 20:00~20:4515.00%5.00%1