Guild Dungeon

The Hall of Nightmares

■ “Hall of Nightmare” is a guild-based dungeon.

■ “Hall of Nightmare” has 4 different stages per day and stages will be added continuously.

■ Loot option for “Hall of Nightmare” is a [Free Loot (dice)].

■ “Hall of Nightmare” is a difficult dungeon, so I recommend you try it with as many people as possible.

■ How to participate 

1. Hall of Nightmare can find in [Dungeon(F11) → Guild Dungeon].

2. You can enter the Hall of Nightmare every Tuesday and Thursday. You are only able to enter once per day: Once you open a room for any stage, you cannot open a room for other stage on the same day.

3. A King's Token is required to enter the Hall of Nightmare.

4. You need to start with Stage 1 from the beginning. Once you clear stage 1, you can enter stage 2 the next day. You do not need to start over from stage 1 every Monday and Wednesday.

ex) If you clear stage 1 on Monday, you can choose to enter stage 1 or 2 on Wednesday.

5. Time limit is 10 minutes.

6. Hall of Nightmare closes either you killed the boss, or the time limit is passed: Once the dungeon is over by either killing the boss or the time limit is over, you are not able to enter the dungeon again on the same day. All characters in the Hall of Nightmare will be teleported out from the map after 5 minutes from the end.

■ Hall of Nightmare Reward




[3rd] Common

[3rd] Rare

[3rd] Elite

[3rd] Unique

[4th] Common

[4th] Rare

[4th] Elite

[4th] Unique

[5th] Common

[5th] Rare

[5th] Elite

[5th] Unique

Boss Monster

Destruction Crystal Lv. 4

Destruction Crystal Lv. 5

Guardian Crystal Lv. 4

Guardian Crystal Lv. 5

Evolution Stone Formula Lv.4

Evolution Stone Formula Lv.5

Blue Reagent

Red Reagent

One of the five Ethers

One of the five Accessory Fragment

Transcend Evolution Stone Piece

※ All items are dropped by probability.