Guild Dungeon

Hall of the Devil

■ "Hall of the Devil" is a content that can be played in guilds.

■ You must enter the dungeon with your guild members and defeat the monsters within the time limit.

■ How to access

1. You can access this content through the [Dungeon(F11) → Guild Dungeon] tab.

 1) When entering the [Hall of Nightmares], 1 [King's Token] is consumed.

2. You can play once every Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week, and you can only access one stage per day.

 1) Once you clear a stage, you can open the following stage on the next available day.

3. "Hall of the Devil" lasts for 30 minutes.

4. "Hall of the Devil" is divided into 5 sections, and in each of them, hundreds of monsters appear.

■ Requirements for clearing the dungeon

1. The stage is cleared when the last boss is killed within the time limit.

2. If you do not defeat the last boss within the time limit, the current attempt will be counted as a failure, and you can try again on the next available day.