① Check the current Items in your possession with a single view.

② Inventory space that is locked at first.

    You can use an Expeditionary Bag to expand 10 Inventory Slots.

③ You can use Enhancement Functions such as Enchants and Awakenings anytime, anywhere.



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Enhances the Equipment's Enchant Level.

Enchant Details

Equipment Awakening

Enhances the Equipment's Awakening Level.

Equipment Awakening Details

Equipment Evolution

Evolves an Equipment at its Max Level Awakening into that of a higher Grade of the same Tier.

Equipment Evolution Details

Zard Crafting

Enhances the Grade of your Zards.

Zard Crafting


Crystallizes Equipment to obtain Materials for Enchants and Awakenings.

The Crystallized Item is destroyed in the process.

Crystallization Details

④ You can gather the same Items, destroy Items, or view information on Coins.



Gather Items

Gathers all the Items of the same kind into a single slot.

To be updated in the future

A Function to be updated in the future.

Trash Bin

Deletes the Item.
   (Deleted Items cannot be restored.)

⑤ Shows your current Heim.