Grade 1 Zard Cube Synthesis

1. If you put 15 Grade 1 Zards of the same type and 1 'Zard Conversion Reagent' in a cube and synthesize them, you can randomly obtain 1 random Grade 1 Zard.

2. Zard Conversion Reagent can be purchased as follows:

 1) You can purchase 'Zard Conversion Reagent' from the General Merchant in each town

 2) Can be purchased at 'Currency Shop > Ether Crystal > Convenience Item

3. Both Weapon/Armor Zard and Accessory Zard can be used. 

Type Grade 1 ZardChance
Weapon/ArmorSun Zard9.09091%
Full Moon Zard9.09091%
Protection Zard9.09091%
Onslaught Zard9.09091%
Spell-Defense Zard9.09091%
Spell Reinforcement Zard9.09091%
Meditation Zard9.09091%
Falcon Zard9.09091%
Spell Zard9.09091%
Knowledge Zard9.09091%
Plentifulness Zard9.09091%


Type Grade 1 ZardChance
AccessorySharp Ruby Zard11.11%
Sharp Sapphire Zard11.11%
Sharp Topaz Zard11.11%
Sharp Emerald Zard11.11%
Sharp Onyx Zard11.11%
Oblivion Zard11.11%
Evasion Zard11.11%
Mental-Focus Zard11.11%
Liberation Zard11.12%